• Mylapore Ganapathy’s products have acquired a reputation for being top quality and very reasonably priced. That is why, we have hundreds of customers who buy regularly at our store and also ship them to friends and relatives across the country.
  • People living outside Chennai can shop from our online store and receive the items at their doorstep.
  • Further, the products are priced the same whether you buy at our physical store or the online store.
  • A flat rate of Rs 50 is charged for shipment within Chennai, while shipping to other cities is based on weight.
  • But the best part is that, the more the weight, the more reduced is your shipping cost.
  • Our arrangement with courier companies is such that, as the consignment weight goes up, the per-kg cost will reduce proportionally. Further, you can see the shipping charges on your checkout page.

This way, you get value for money, at every step, with Mylapore Ganapathy’s.

Weight based shipping cost
State wise <3 Kgs (Rate per Kilo) >3 Kgs (Rate per Kilo)
Chennai Flat Rs 80 Flat Rs 80
Tamilnadu Rs 50 Rs 30
Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra & Telangana Rs 80 Rs 50
Mumbai, New Delhi & Kolkata Rs 100 Rs 75
Rest of India Rs 120 Rs 100

*Shipping rates above are effective 19th May 2020.